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Warning: This game is not suitable for children. Some story choices contain language and situations that some adults may find offensive. This story is written by visitors to the site, and is largely unmoderated. Please do not use this in the classroom.
You awaken lying prostrate on the ground. Your whole body aches and your head is pounding. It feels as if you've been in a car wreck. You're lying in a small marble mausoleum, and it appears the wrought iron doors were blown inward, as if by an explosion. You wonder if perhaps you were the projectile that tore down those doors. Your body certainly feels like it. Outside the sun is beginning to set and an eerie reddish hue tints the wispy clouds.

You get up and brush yourself off, feeling for bleeding or protruding bones as you go. Despite being horribly roughed up, you seem to be intact. You take a few shaky steps to the doorway and wrestle open the twisted metal of the former door. The effort makes you nauseous so you sit to gather your thoughts. As you look out across the small graveyard to the tiny pond perhaps 30 yards down the hill, you recall the events of the morning. You were sitting on a park bench by the lake feeding the ducks when it happened. A deafening roar to the north east had made you jump to your feet. The flash had made you shield your eyes and the last thing you remembered was the intangible wall of force throwing you from where you stood. As you went airborne, you had blacked out.

As you rack your brain for more details your stomach growls. For the first time since coming to, you realize how hungry you are. You are downright ravenous. It strikes you as odd since you had such a large breakfast. How long have you been out?

You are sitting in the doorway to the mausoleum. You can see a small pond at the center of what appears to be a town square. In the waning light of sunset and through the sparse trees of the square, you can make out buildings and houses bordering the square, but their purpose or type escapes you.

How do you proceed?

What will you do?
[1] Run outside, yelling for help.
[2] Proceed with caution.

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